Complete picture of your finances in one place

Track your daily spending, stock positions, crypto assets, real estate investments and more
Much more than an expense tracker
Wealfi will help you see your complete financial picture by allowing you to track your stock market, crypto, real estate investments and more. And yes, your regular day to day expenses as well
Manage your finances with ease
Convenient and intuitive way to track all of your accounts and transactions. Track across different accounts, whether is a bank or a broker account, a crypto wallet or a credit card. Group and categorize your transactions the way that is convenient for you
Manage data
Bringing it all together
By having all of your records in one place will you be able to analyze your financial history, accurately assess your current situation and place yourself in a position to succeed in the future
Manage data
Fire tools
FIRE tools
We are big proponents of the financial independence, retire early movement. With Wealfi you will be able to ditch those hard to maintain spreadsheets and replace them with tools tailor made for tracking your FIRE progress.